Thursday, April 30, 2015

Huruma Village Education Project

Every purchase from AVAH = Education for 1 orphaned child for up to 1 entire month!
I grew up in a country where due to my religion, I was not allowed to obtain higher education at any institution. My parents always told us that our education was extremely important and worked very hard to be able to make my sister and I very well-rounded and educated individuals. We both had to leave our country without our parents when we graduated highschool to be able to have access to the right of education, that I truly believe no one should ever be deprived of. 

Growing up in an environment where all of my family's and my basic human rights, including education, were taken away from us constantly and where even our mere existence was threatened, I have become the person I am today. If I can even in a small way positively affect those children that grow up in similar or worse environments than mine, then I will take every chance to do so. 

The Global Orphan Project, Inc. ( is a global orphan care and orphan prevention organization. They work with local churches, both domestically and internationally, to help them provide care for orphaned and abandoned children in their communities. I chose to work with them because 100% of the donations made by us goes to our cause and not to their overhead or fundraising expenses. They fund the organization itself by using donations and other sources of income. They are a Christian organization, and I am not Christian. I love that they do not differentiate between people and focus solely on their mission to help orphans around the world. I believe that we are all one regardless of who or what we are and I love to be able to work with an organization that embodies this belief as well.

The beautiful children of Huruma
A filipino pastor, Jessie Tingsen, and his wife, Shalimar, planted a local indigenous church in Huruma.
They could witness daily the number of children with no home or family and they really wanted to do something about it. They felt like simply feeding them was not enough. So they responded to this need and partnered with GO. Huruma, Tanzania is now home to Huruma Children's Home, a permanent home built for the orphans in care of the local church. However, these beautiful children still do not have any dedicated sponsors and they only receive a monthly stipend from GO. 

My goal is to alongside my customers, the AVAH family, support the vocational and school education of at least 3 orphaned children in Huruma Village for 1 year, and then on continuously until they no longer need the support. This is our starting goal. As we grow as a business, our helping hand can also reach more children. 

Every purchase from AVAH = Education for 1 orphaned child for up to 1 entire month!

Children attending school in Huruma
So lets do this together! Lets give these children, whom by no choice of their own, have been deprived of many joys of life. Lets provide them with tools that allows them to go further in life and become successful and loving individuals. 

I thank you for your support and love! Remember, for every purchase from AVAH, you will be providing up to 1 entire month of education for 1 orphaned child. You can that easily affect the life of a child in a positive way. You can purchase from AVAH through any of the following links. 

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Thank you for purchasing from AVAH and for committing to creating a better world :)

Ava H

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