Thursday, April 3, 2014

Road trip to Arizona

The famous Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona
It's really interesting to think that only 5 years ago, my family and I were almost going to live in Arizona. I always imagined that Arizona in general would look similar to LA. It's so close to here and I know so many people that are from Arizona that it just made sense in my head! Well, I finally went there and it looks nothing like LA! Rocks and cactus replace palm trees, scorpions are everywhere (although in their defense, I never saw one. I heard the tales.), the streets are always quiet and empty, and's non-existent!

On this trip I went to Scottsdale (The Beverly Hills of the area), Phoenix (where one of my closest friends has recently moved to), Mesa (where another one of my old friends lives), and Sedona (the beautiful area with red rocks and well, more cactus :D). 

En route the very cactusy road to Sedona
Still on our way
First stop on our one day road trip - TlaquePaque Arts and Crafts Village ( 

You have to stop here because: 

A. It has delicious Mexican food 
B. It has a restaurant/brewery, which served a pretty good Hefeweisen, my favorite!
C. It has gorgeous contemporary art from local artists displayed at its multiple art galleries.
D. It is modeled after a Mexican village of the same name, Tlaquepaque, and it is in the heart of Sedona! 
E. They even have an authentic Persian rug shop.
F. How many more reasons do you need?! 

I'm proud of this picture, it looks pretty :D
A little Spanish architecture charm surrounded by red rock magic!
Outside of the Oak Creek Brewery. It took the whole period of the meal and a few minutes before and after for me to convince my friend to take this picture of me! 
So after 3 days of having only fried heavy foods (it's much harder to find healthy foods outside of LA, I've come to find), I had a Greek salad here. But we had to try the Deep fried and beer-battered breaded dill pickles! It was a specialty here and I have to say, it was quite delicious! (...mouth watering now...)

Next stop - L'Auberge de Sedona for a relaxing post-lunch lakeside sitting: 

Unfortunately, being that we were only going to Sedona for a day trip, I didn't get to stay at this beautiful resort. But I did get to sit on a wooden swing by the lake, listen to the sound of water and little ducks making their weird duck noises, and to see a piece of heaven and spring in the middle of the desert. (

Pathway leading up to the lake

Unbelievable how this is all in the middle of a desert!

Beautiful red rocks of Sedona
And final stop, watching the sunset by the Sedona Airport at the Vortex. Not only is the view of the sun setting over these gorgeous red mountains breathtaking but it is also believed that there are positive energies at this point that only increase with the sun setting. (I hope I got this completely right!) Either way: 

- It is gorgeous.
- You should get there an hour before sunset to find parking and a good viewing/picture-taking spot.
-You must go. No ifs or buts...

And to convince you, here are some pictures. It was hard to pick only a few out of the many beautiful ones. 

The many colors of the surroundings
Waiting for the sun to set...although it really sets in the opposite direction :p

And the most beautiful moment of the whole evening... Sun setting on the left side and the color reflections on the right. 
Statute of the "Changing Woman" in Sedona
Little excerpts of the rest of the trip to Arizona:

For good drinks, great atmosphere, live music, and the most serene view of a lake go to Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa: 

For a really cool contemporary vibe type restaurant/bar go to AZ 88 in old town Scottsdale (really the downtown). This is one of my friend's top hang out places. They apparently change their artsy decors every month. This place in two words: very hip but classy. 

This month's decor. End of the night so no one was here anymore. But also according to my friend, quite unusually empty for this place, and well...the whole town the entire time I was there :/
Outside AZ 88
 And finally, a tad bit of Mesa:

View from my friend's balcony

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  1. Very nice pictures of the sunset! I hope i'll find the time to road trip some day! its on my bucket list

    1. Uhhh I'm so happy you liked them! Yeah road trips are the best!! You should do it!!!


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