Sunday, March 9, 2014

Verona: City of L.O.V.E.

Touching Giulietta's boob for good luck!!!
One of many strange (and quite inappropriate) luck-bringing traditions in Europe! 
City of Verona, located in Veneto, Italy is home to the love story of Romeo and Juliet, houses Juliet's house, and hence is the city of Amore :) Verona is your cozy, tiny, vintage, beautiful Italian city (give or take a few tourists) and it has managed for the most part to keep it's Italian charm. Try to walk into the courtyard to Juliet's house and you'll probably be waiting amidst hundreds of lovers and love-hopefuls to try to get to her statute and possibly climb up to her balcony. But walk a few feet away from her house and you'll find yourself getting sucked into pure Italian city magic :)

Entrance to the city of Verona
Close up of the entrance

Walk a few feet, go to your right to get this view of the Roman Arena
Roxxi and I posing in front of the Arena
The Roman Arena, Arena di Verona, is the 3rd largest in Italy after the Colosseum in Rome and the Arena in Capua. As we were looking around this area, a group of photographers had us participate in a photo shoot with hundreds of other people and then made us read their name in Italian to use for their video! 
Piazza delle Erbe
I thought it was cute to pretend I was a DoDo bird! 

People doing this were all around Europe, especially in Italy. This, however, was my first time ever seeing one so I was quite intrigued :D
Sign reads: Juliet's House

Technically, you're not supposed to write on the wall. But the guard who was there said it was o.k.! The wall is full of love wishes and lover's names :)
Giulietta's Balcony and people waiting to touch the statute's boobs :D

You are also not supposed to hang locks on the gate, but obviously people still do. I thought it was beautiful how so many people still love to love! 

Piazza dei Signori

My Italian family plus ESN Bocconi board members (ESN organizes social events and some day trips for International Exchange students) - On the court steps. Our tour guide told us they used to punish people, when found guilty, by pushing them down from the top of these stairs while spectators watched in the courtyard!!! 

Panorama fun in Piazza delle waving to me! 

Victoria, Jalpa, Marianna, Janet, and I surprised to see ourselves on the other side! People thought we were crazy running around trying to make these panoramas happen :D

Italy is all about amazing Gelato in every corner. Some are more amazing than others and I would know because the first thing we did in every new Italian city was to taste their gelato. This one was definitely one of my top two I have ever had in Italy. Creamy white, milk, and dark chocolate and blackberry! UHHHH take me backkkk!!!

And of course no Italian day out ends without some proper Italian Spritz and Aperitivo...
My favs: Ujin, Roxx, Jalpa, Victoria, Janet, Jalpa 

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  1. Awww! I need to do my post on Verona!!! Good times!

    1. Yeahhhh :D Great times!!! You should do it! I wanna read yours too :)

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