Saturday, March 8, 2014

Snowboarding trip in Livigno

One tram ride, one metro ride, one train ride, two bus rides, and a one mile walk and 7 hours later, we were in Livigno, Italy. A two and a half hour train ride from Milano Centrale train station to Tirano, a bus ride from Tirano to Bormio and a second bus ride from Bormio to Livigno sums up the route you need to take to get from Milano to Livigno. Fear not though, because after a few weeks and into the high season, a direct bus can take you from Linate or Malpensa directly to Livigno, although it is twice as expensive as if you took this route! 

Without further ado, please enjoy the pictures from the beautiful, gorgeous, snow-filled city of Livigno, located in the Italian Alps, right next to the Swiss border, where you can enjoy a great après-ski and you can snowboard (or ski!) on all its 78 slopes (12 black, 37 red, 29 blue)!

Tirano, a fine example of a beautiful tiny mountain town
Bormio, so charming!
That's Livigno in the background!
Isn't this just gorgeous? And it's all so effortless!!! 
Across the street from our hotel - Mottolino is right around the corner...
Sometimes I don't like having my picture taken, ok?

And sometimes I do :D

On our way back 
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  1. so beautiful <3 both you and the alps :D

    1. You are so beautiful! Both inside and out <3 Love you koochi :*


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