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Sous le ciel de PARIS

Bonjourrrr from L'Hôtel National des Invalides

As I lie down on the middle bunker bed on this night train from Budapest to Prague in my couchette with the four Brazilian guys that have now became my friends (we have been talking and laughing all night, they are great!), I can't help but think about my first time ever taking a night train - from Milano to Paris. The story of how we got to Paris might be even crazier than my stories in Paris itself. Let's begin!

Our train is leaving from the station at 10:50. It is 10:30 and Marianna, Jalpa, and I are still waiting for the first tram we need to take in front of my apartment. Two trams haven't shown up on schedule and we're still thinking we're going to make it on time. Finally, the tram gets there and as we're heading the opposite way we realize that there's no way we'll make it on time like this. So a few stops later we jump off the tram and start running around looking for a taxi. We find one a few minutes later and try to tell him that we're really late in our broken Italian. "Siamo ritardi" to which he laughs and explains means that we are basically saying we are old and stupid women! Obviously that's not what we meant...so he tells us we need to say "siamo in ritardo" instead and asks us how much time we have since it will take us about 30 minutes to get there. Well at this point we have about 12 minutes to get there, give or take. We have been blessed with the coolest taxi driver ever who is fluent in English, Italian, and French, and he steps on the gas and starts the quest to get us there on time! Needless to say that we almost got into a few serious accidents, ran over a few red lights, and "daiiii, daiiiii" became our favorite word that day. (Dai=come on!) Long story short, he actually got us there on time, screeched his tires by the station entrance and threw our luggages to us as he yelled RUNNN! 

So we get on the train, still in disbelief! As soon as we step on the train, this French guy comes up to me and asks if we are willing to change our cabin with one that he has since he wants all of his students to be in one compartment. We ask him if we will be alone in the cabin and if it's the same as ours. "Yes, I promise!" So we start walking to his cabin, get there and there's a lady with a baby in our cabin! We ask him why he lied to us and he says he didn't. So we walk back to our cabin and find out he has already given it away to another family! Half an other and a massive headache later, we finally get in our beds in the cabin we had originally paid for! However, we get harassed the whole night and the next morning by the same students we tried to help out lead by their teacher as they keep banging on our walls, scream, sing and peek through our window. Lucky for me, I'm a heavy sleeper and I was too excited for Paris although I can't say the same for my friends. As we were getting flipped off by the students while stepping off the train, I couldn't help but think Je suis finalmente en Paris!!! (And which school are these students from?!?! I felt bad for them really!) 

This has been a long post already, so I'll sum it up by saying 5 days in Paris still leaves you wanting more. We walked and did a lot of sightseeing all day and stayed out till late and although extremely tired by the fourth day (seriously, you could leave me alone for 30 seconds and I would be sleeping...no matter where I was) I loveddd every second of it. I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story. As always, leave me a comment if you have any questions and I can tell you more :) I love to talk, as you can tell!

Pont Alexander III (Alexander III Bridge) with Eiffel tower in the back

Classic Eiffel tower must-have shot

 Parisian baguette, cheese, fig jam, and wine picnic with my lovely Italian fam :)

You'll see more of these coming...basically Europe is the place where you would have to touch a statute's private parts with the superstitious belief that something lucky will happen! Although I was mostly scared out of my mind and crying the whole time we were in Père Lachaise Cemetery, I had to do this! This is a grave of a French Journalist. Although super weird and honestly creepy, you have to rub his bulged (ehem) private parts while putting a flower in his hat simultaneously to find true love! I don't wanna know what he did when he was alive to have his statute built like this :/ Did it anyways for the sake of true love...oh girls!!!

The Pantheon

Louvre museum...you need at least a month to cover the whole thing!!! 

Mona Lisa is so in demand! 

Paris, vous etes belle!

Tried many times to make it seem like I was flying away with my umbrella. This is probably the tenth shot. People were laughing. I was happy. 
Eiffel tower at night...definitely not overrated. 

On top of the Eiffel tower...highly recommended!
Entrance to the golden shiny Chateau Versailles 
Chateau Versailles musical gardens...Such a relaxing and beautiful experience!

Hall of Mirrors inside Chateau Versailles

Every room inside this palace was gorgeously detailed and decorated
At Chateau de Versailles - The gorgeous pathway leading to Le Grand Trianon

Arc de Triomphe

Luxembourg Gardens

I LOVE Paul bakery! It deserved at least one picture in here! I dream of the chocolate croissants and the blackberry pie they had there every day :)

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