Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Budapest is beautiful 'round Christmas time

Christmas Market at vörösmarty tér

Honestly, words are not enough to describe the beauty and calm of this historically complicated city - especially around Christmas time. The two halves of the city, Buda and Pest, with the Danube river sitting oh-so-magnificantly in between them is amongst one of the few cities that has truly taken my breath away during the last 4 months of my travels. Every nook and cranny of this city is worth a thousand photos and so I will let the photos do the talking in this post. 

Enjoy Budapest and Boldog Karácsonyt! (Merry Christmas in Hungarian)

Breathtaking view from the Chain Bridge
Christmas Market at vörösmarty tér

Reuniting with my best friend/sister for the 2nd time in the past 4 months after 6 long years! The lover's locks behind us have a funny story behind them. Instead of putting locks on bridges or gates as in most places such as Italy or France, in Budapest the locks are put on these fences that are walking distance from Danube. Why? In case the lovers change their mind about a lifelong commitment, they can change their mind before throwing the key in the river and come back to retrieve the lock while they can! Oh Hungarians...
Hungarian Academy of Sciences built using Count István Széchenyi's estate income of one year.
Pure happiness on top of the Chain Bridge - crossing over from the Pest to the Buda side.
One of Budapest's most famous Ruin Bars in the infamous Jewish Quarter - "Szimplakert"
Wall decorations at Szimpla

View from the top - Do I need to caption this?

Matthias Church
View from the Fisherman's Bastion - That is the Parliament building in the back. Cool story: Freddie Mercury from the band Queen thought the Parliament looked cool and wanted to buy it as his own house! Obviously, he didn't know what this building was :D
I have had one of these everyday. One of the few veggie options in Budapest, the glorious LÁNGOS (pronounced Langosh), has fulfilled every single one of my food fantasies! Delicious fried dough, crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, glazed with melted garlic sauce, topped with melted sour cream and cheese the melts and stretches as you bite into this heavenly food creation! Best thing to have in this freezing below-zero weather :)
Enjoying the St. Istvan Basilica Christmas Market with some lovely friends
Chocolate goodies at the Christmas Market

First night out in Budapest with the bestie - Instant Ruin Bar

Yet another gorgeous view from the Chain Bridge

That day we spent 5 hours doing nothing but relaxing in over 30 natural baths and saunas at the Széchenyi Bath House, Budapest's oldest and possibly largest of its many bath houses. 

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  1. As a person who lives in Budapest now and also as your friend who spent all those moments with you, I can simply say that you described Budapest with your words and pictures perfectly! I wish you could stay here forever!

    1. I love you!!! Thank you for your encouragement :) I miss you already! Budapest part 2 is coming soon by the way :D


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